9 Ways I Invest in Myself as a Writer

Follow these 9 simple ways to invest in your craft and yourself to become the best writer you can be. (By Cheryl Simpson via www.LexingtonWordWeavers.com)

9 Ways I Invest in Myself as a Writer

1. Write every day.

I endeavor to write 500 words every day. This habit helps me get past the idea that I have to feel like writing to write. I don’t have to write. I choose to write. If I want to develop as a writer, I must practice. On days I feel less than inspired, I journal my thoughts or respond to a prompt.

2. Attend workshops.

Since I joined Word Weavers International, I’ve gone to two writers’ workshops. Both helped me add to my writer’s toolbox and encouraged me to keep pressing forward as a writer.

3. Participate in a writer’s group.

I’m part of two writers’ groups. Word Weavers critiques help me hone my skill. The other group is an accountability group.

4. Submit my writing for publication.

I took this brave step of submitting my writing for publication after a year of waiting. I decided to submit my writing to face my fear not unlike diving into the deep end of the pool for the first time.

5. Post for my blog.

When I write for my blog, I develop my writer’s voice and focus on my audience.

6. Edit old writing.

One reason I edit writing is to make my writing better. Another reason is so I can see how I’ve developed as a writer.

7. Read books on writing.

There are books for every style of writing as well as books on grammar. When I come across another question I have about how to use a comma, I head to my books.

8. Read books (not specifically on writing).

Reading, in general, helps me learn how published authors write. When I read, it’s like being tutored by the best.

9. Buy writers’ tools.

A new pen or journal is a writer’s tool on the low tech side. Apps like Scrivener and Microsoft Word are techie. Getting the right tools don’t make a writer better. But even a great chef does better with his favorite tools.

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Lexington Word Weavers member Cheryl Simpson writes real stories from her real life — a life made whole through the gospel.

Check out her blog @ Realing In Life

What are some ways you invest in yourself as a writer? Share in the comments below. 

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