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Our Vision

Through the use of community, honest critique without the use of criticism, and funds and encouragement that enable our members to attend conferences, we believe we can change the world for the Lord, one word at a time.

We endeavor to fulfill our mission and vision by:

  • Actively praying for each other’s successes.
  • Holding regularly scheduled critique sessions.
  • Offering annual retreats for in-depth critique and fellowship.
  • Sharing information about writing opportunities, conferences, and contests.
  • Helping connect members with editors, agents, and other publishing professionals.
  • Providing guest speakers at meetings, retreats, and workshops.
  • Offering smaller, genre-specific critique groups in addition to the general critique sessions.
  • Building professional knowledge through our website.
  • Striving for excellence in such a manner that we are recognized by our professionalism and work at conferences, etc.


Who We Are: Word Weavers International

In March 1997, five members of Northland Church (Longwood, Florida) gathered around a dining room table, eager to encourage one another in the art of writing.

Since then, we have grown from those five members to over thirty face-to-face membership chapters (including Lexington Word Weavers) across the United States and Canada.

Through the use of “the sandwich method” we have seen our members sharpen their skills, find their way to publication in a number of genres and venues, and win awards of excellence.


What Defines a Word Weaver Critique Group?

  • Our focus is Christ-centered.
  • We behave thusly in our work and in our attitudes and behavior.
  • We are professional. With our unique process and format, we show our industry that we take our craft seriously.
  • We are encouraging to others. We believe that, having been blessed, we are to be a blessing to others.

About Lexington Word Weavers

The Lexington chapter seeks to serve writers who want to write for God’s glory and live in the greater Columbia, SC area and surrounding region. We even have writers from the Augusta, GA area who’ve joined our chapter.

If you can get to us, we’d love to serve you. We meet the 3rd Monday of every month.

We meet the
3rd Monday of every month
6:45 pm – 9:00 pm
Riverbend Community Church
1015 Corley Mill Rd.
Lexington, SC

Local Leadership Team

Jean Wilund Lexington Word Weavers

President, Jean Wilund


Cam Molineux Lexington Word Weavers

Membership Coordinator, Cam Molineux


Jean Wilund Lexington Word Weavers

Acting Treasurer, Jean Wilund


Lori Hatcher

Chaplain, Lori Hatcher


Hospitality, Toni Rypkema


Group Division Co-Manager, Linda Wagster
(BTW, this isn’t really Linda’s photo. Her photo is coming soon.)


Group Division Co-Manager, Laura Watts


Group Division Co-Manager, Meredith Mills
(This is also not Meredith’s real photo.)