Everyone’s Story Matters

Everyone's Story Matters

It’s bedtime at my house.

My youngest always begs for a story. It’s Wednesday night well past her bedtime, but I send her off with good news, “Climb into bed with a good book.”

She chose “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.”

This book surprised me with encouragement for my writer’s heart.

In the middle of the story, I found a breath of life for my often-doubting, inner writer. The words sank in.

“Everyone’s story matters,” said Morris.

And all the books agreed.

I wanted to stop reading and linger on the words, but I pressed forward and finished. We closed the book and prayed. I kissed my girl goodnight.

On my way out, I nipped the book and took it to my office. I needed to see those words again, to breathe in the fresh words of encouragement.

Discouragement comes easily for me as a writer. I’ve heard all writers wonder if they’re good enough and, more importantly, if their story matters.

This book says so, but that’s not what makes it true. Everyone’s story matters because each person uniquely reflects God’s image.

Imperfect as we are, God wants to mold us into his image so we might beautifully display his image to the world.

He uses our life story—with all the hardships and the victories—to transform us. As we tell our story, and especially as writers writing the story he’s placed on our hearts, we bring hope, life, and color to this world https://viagraforgreece.com/.

Lexington Word Weavers member Cheryl Simpson writes real stories from her real life — a life made whole through the gospel.

Check out her blog @ Realing In Life

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