Serious Writer and Almost An Author Writing Contests 2018 via

How Writing Contests Open Doors for Writers

Serious Writer and Almost An Author Writing Contests 2018 via

Have you ever wondered if you should enter writing contests?

I won my literary agent through a contest.


I entered a writing contest at the Blueridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference.

I won.

This piqued the interest of the brand-new website,

Their founder, Cyle Young, contacted me and offered me a monthly column.

Shortly after, I entered another writing contest sponsored by

I won.

Cyle Young now knew I could at least write well enough to win two contests.

When Hartline Literary Agency offered Cyle a job as an agent, guess who he contacted about representation?


So, yes, I won my agent through a writing contest. (Or actually two.)

If I hadn’t entered Blueridge’s contest, I wouldn’t have caught Cyle’s eye as fast.

I’m thankful I took the risk and entered. All I risked was a little money and my ego if I didn’t win, and it changed my life.

I’ve entered contests I didn’t win, too. And I haven’t won a book contract yet, but that’s coming.

I don’t enter to wallpaper my office with critical acclaim or shout to the world that I’m a great writer.

I enter because God often uses them to open doors. 

Try it yourself. See what doors God may open for you.

[Note: Yes, there was a Writing Contest that had a May 1st Deadline, but that’s long over. But you can find other contests. Seek and you will find. Enter and you may win.]

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