Meet Bethany Jett at Our Serious Writer Conference

Have you ever dreamed of getting a book contract at your first writer’s conference?

Bethany Jett got one.

Perhaps she knows a thing or two about publishing.

Bethany is coming to Lexington on May 26th for the Serious Writer Tour Stop. Register today and come learn from her.

And now, meet Bethany!

If you were moving to a tiny island for a year, what three books would you take with you?

I’m playing devil’s advocate here.

Since the question didn’t indicate a deserted island, I’m going to assume they have electricity, so I would pull as many books into my kindle as possible! Haha!

Buuuut, if I had to take three, I think I would bring my Bible, my battered copy of Christy, and some sort of medical guide!

What do you think writers don’t expect to face when they enter the writer’s world?

I think most writers don’t realize how much of the marketing responsibility falls on our shoulders, particularly for nonfiction writers.

Social media and email lists are big deals so we have to spend time in these areas, as well as on our craft.

Name one thing you appreciate about the other two instructors?

It’s so hard to narrow down to just one thing!

Both Michelle and Steve are on the advisory board for Serious Writer so working with them is absolutely a pleasure, and I appreciate so much about them!

I’ll start with Michelle Medlock Adams.

She is my absolute bestest friend ever. She teaches me so much about this industry and leads by example with her incredible work ethic and ability to love on people no matter what.

Her energy is contagious and she has the most pure heart of anyone I know.

Steven James is an incredible guy. It’s an honor to work with him as my advisor and his guidance has meant so much to me.

I appreciate how much he loves God, his family, and how much he loves people. He inspires me to balance trusting my instincts with strategies and principles.

I’m super excited for everyone who hasn’t had the privilege to meet these two incredible people to have the opportunity at the Lexington Tour Stop.


Want to learn more from Bethany?

Come to the Serious Writer Tour Stop in Lexington, SC on May 26, 2018, and meet Michelle, Steven, and Bethany.

Don’t miss it. Register today.

Serious Writer Tour Stop in Lexington, SC May 26, 2018 with Steven James, Michelle Medlock Adams, and Bethany Jett hosted by Lexington Word Weavers @LexWordWeavers

Check out Bethany’s Books on Amazon and Her Website:


Bethany Jett’s Books on Amazon


Bethany Jett’s Website


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