Meet Wide-Eyed Fiction Author Mike Dellosso – And His Alter Ego

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We’re excited to give you a sneak peek into the life and mind of Wide-Eyed Fiction author Mike Dellosso — and his alter ego, Michael King.

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Now here’s Mike:

Mike, how did you decide to become a writer?

I became a writer, in a way, out of necessity. We had a family tragedy that pushed me to the brink emotionally.

I had all kinds of emotions swirling inside me, and I simply didn’t know what to do. Crying wasn’t enough. Talking did no good. So one day I did the only thing I hadn’t tried yet: I grabbed a pen and piece of paper and began to write.

I fell in love with writing. All my life I had struggled with stuttering and in writing, I found my voice. I could express myself, share my heart with others, without stuttering. The whole incident and discovery was a turning point in my life. Literally.

Writing gave me the confidence I didn’t have to say what I had been holding in for twenty-some years. I thank God often for pushing me to that place where I turned to writing as a last resort.

In what ways has this journey surprised you?

It’s a lot of work!

A lot of stress and anxiety and “blood, sweat, and tears.” Okay, maybe not the blood part. I never realized how much emotional energy is spent in writing.

If it’s done the way it should be, writing is very draining. It can be all-consuming if the writer isn’t careful. Fiction writing in particular.

I can tend to get sucked into my fictional world and neglect what’s happening in the real world around me.

Getting into this, I also didn’t realize how difficult it would be to actually sell books. There’s a lot of competition out there and books don’t sell themselves. There’s a lot of behind the scenes work that has to go into the marketing, promoting, and selling of a book.

What would you say to someone who’s considering entering the world of writing?

Do your homework.

Refine your skills.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Study the craft, then practice some more.

Learn as much as you can.

Go to conferences.


Learn. Read how-to books. Take courses.

Write. Read.

Don’t jump into it too soon, but don’t drag your feet forever, either.

Start something and finish it.

And never give up on your dream.

What Books Has Mike Dellosso Written? 

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Author Mike Dellosso

Most know you as Mike Dellosso, but it seems you have an alter ego, Michael King, who doesn’t write Wide Eyed Fiction. Who is he?

I’m not sure if Michael King is my alter ego or the real me.

Those who know me say my personality fits with the Michael King writing much better than the Mike Dellosso suspense writing.

Michael King gives me an avenue to write what I really want to write and to explore a different side of my soul than suspense writing does.

I think Michael King is like the mask I wear so I can be myself without feeling self-conscious.

You wrote one novel as Michael King after you’d written several as Mike Dellosso. What inspired you to write it?

Back in 2008, I went through a year-long battle with colon cancer. During that time I really didn’t feel like writing; I didn’t feel like doing much. It was such an ordeal for myself and my family, a real struggle.
Coming out of that I had a story to tell. I wrote Darlington Woods (suspense) which is one of my favorites. There is so much symbolism in it about the monsters we face in life. But after that, I wanted to write something different. I wanted to show the reader what it was like to go through cancer. So I wrote A Thousand Sleepless Nights.
The publisher loved it but wanted to release it under a pseudonym since my readers know me as a suspense writer. We settled on Michael King.
Funny thing, there’s a long-time friend at my church whose name is Michael King. He was quite flattered.
The story is very moving and has gotten much reaction from readers about how authentic it is and how real the characters are. I love to hear that because it means I’m doing my job as a writer.  

Will you write more novels under the name
Michael King?

Yes! Next spring my second Michael King novel will release through Firefly Fiction (LPC).

It’s called A Million Miles from Home and is about a young father who loses his wife and must now face life without her while trying to care for his daughter.

It’s a story packed with emotional ups and downs. It’s raw and touching. It deals with trust, forgiveness, and love.

There are parts that made me cry while I was writing it. I love this story for so many reasons and am excited to get it into the hands of readers. 

You call your fiction “Wide-Eyed Fiction.” It’s a great description of suspense. What drew you into writing Wide-Eyed Fiction?

Darlington Woods by Mike Dellosso
Growing up I always loved fast-paced action movies. I loved weird science stuff. X-files. Twilight Zone. Outer Limits. It fascinated me. Stirred my imagination. So when I started writing I naturally gravitated to those genres.I’m an impatient person by nature when it comes to storytelling, so I like stories that move quickly and involve lots of action and intrigue and mystery.I love stories that get all tangled up and then reveal something amazing at the end.I love stories that push the reader to keep turning pages, eyes wide, on the edge of their seat, wondering what in the world will possibly happen next. 

Who are some of your favorite authors and greatest influences in writing?

When I was just starting out my greatest influences were Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Kathryn Mackel, Frank Peretti, and Ted Dekker.

Mackel was possibly the greatest influence at first. Her writing style impressed me. The way she weaves a story mesmerized me.

I love King and Koontz for their imagination and storytelling ability. They are my go-to guys for writing inspiration.

In the past few years, I’ve fallen completely in love with the writing of A. J. Cronin. Don’t know him? Look him up. Great books. Great storytelling. Great character development. I’ve read many of his books multiple times which I hardly ever do.

Also, C. J. Box has really captured my attention as well. 

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